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Fire Inspections for Business


The Clio Area Fire Department will come to your business and inspect your fire safety measures. The purpose of fire inspections is to check your fire alarms, sprinkler systems, emergency exits, and more. The site survey will help determine the quantity of chemicals used, produced, or stored at your facility. Going into a fire situation with the knowledge of these inspections can help protect you and the firefighters.

We will provide 2 forms that need to be filled out to get the most out of your inspections. The Emergency Contact Form will collect information like contact information and hydrant location. The Chemical Survey will provide us information like the class, quantity and toxic levels of the material you have on hand.

To begin, download and fill out the PDF forms below. Next call 810-687-8506 during our business hours to schedule an appointment.


CAFD covers 72 square miles & serves the City of Clio, Vienna Twp. & Thetford Twp.

Clio Fire Department Station 1
3291 Vienna Rd, Clio, MI 48420
Phone: 810-687-8506

Clio Fire Department Station 2
4014 E Vienna Rd, Clio, MI 48420
Phon: 810-686-8710

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